Welcome to BCSM’s College & Career Success Office!

Newsweek Magazine, a nationally recognized authority on education, ranked BCSM in the top 4% of all high schools in the United States who have consistently “Overcome the Odds.” A major factor in this unusually high-ranking traces to the success of our graduates in matriculating at some of the top colleges and universities in the country.

Our students have attended colleges in 15 states and include Dartmouth, Columbia, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Williams, Amherst, Bowdoin, Vassar, Barnard, Brandeis, Colby, Franklin & Marshall, Lafayette, Syracuse, Georgetown, Middlebury, Wellesley, Bryn Mawr, Babson, University of Rochester, Trinity (CT), Wheaton, DePauw, NYU, Sophie Davis Biomedical Education, Macaulay Honors at CUNY, Fordham, Hamilton, Penn State, Spelman, Union, Utica, all CUNY colleges, and Stony Brook, Albany, Buffalo, Binghamton, Geneseo, Stony Brook, and numerous other SUNY colleges. Approximately 80% of our students are the first in their families to go to college, a remarkable achievement by our scholars. Additionally, over 70% enter college as “College Ready,” based on their SAT and Regents scores. In a typical year, 94% of our graduates will go on to college, and 30% will attend a college away from home. We are thrilled to have had a Gates Millennium Scholar, four Questbridge Scholars, 17 Posse Scholars, four “full ride” Annenberg Scholars, and 16 New Visions Scholars.

Every member of the junior class is scheduled for two 1:1 sessions with one of BCSM’s two college counselors. Our ratio of students per counselor is superior to the top public schools in New York City, which allows our scholars to develop a customized college list, one that balances the key factors of college fit, location, and cost. Our scholars also receive financial aid counseling so that they and their families may make the most informed decisions. Every BCSM scholar receives a personalized school recommendation from the college office.

BCSM is fortunate to have forged deep relationships with select University partners that have enabled our students to spend summers on their campuses, and give them the experience of being at college away from home. These partners include, Syracuse, Dartmouth, Cornell, Tufts, Vassar, Marist, NYU, University of Rochester, Skidmore, Brown, and Harvard College. In addition, BCSM has enabled its students to travel abroad through our community service partners, Global Glimpse, AFS, Global Teens and buildOn. 25 juniors travel to Europe (including Denmark, England, and France) on a one-week cultural immersion. In addition, BCSM students have  done service and experiential learning in Mali, Malawi, Africa, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Greece, Jordan, and Ecuador.

Numerous community-based organizations have partnered with BCSM to provide our students with a further enriched set of academic, social and/or internship experience. Our lead partners include: Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, Opportunity Network, Minds Matter, Lehman College Now, Rockefeller Foundation, Bottom Line, Options Institute, Columbia University CURE program, City Squash, and Chess in the Schools. Of note, BCSM won the national high school chess championships in 2013.

Perhaps the hallmark of our success at BCSM traces to the significant funding the school has received from generous corporations, foundations, and individuals. Our school runs the Hayden Summer Bridge program, which brings incoming freshman to the school for an extensive three-week orientation where they study mathematics and literacy, receive a mentor, and develop proper study skills. Rising seniors attend the Heckscher Pre-College summer program, getting a substantive head start on their college applications. Traveler’s Insurance Corporation has funded free SAT and ACT test prep for each of our students since 2012. Heckscher has also funded BCSM’s college persistence initiative, enabling the school to maintain on-going contact and support with our alumni.

One of the hallmarks of the BCSM academic support of our students is our investment in science research. Our students enjoy a $1.1 million science lab. A Dartmouth College engineering graduate has provided funding that enables our students to begin conducting meaningful science research as early as the ninth grade. Our students have competed in numerous science competitions, including 1st and 3rd place in a Women in Engineering competition at Columbia University, and 1st and 2nd place in the Bronx SciFest competition in 2015. BCSM has received significant monetary grants from a retired engineer. These funds have been used to catalyze a science research initiative that prepares our students to do true scientific research with college professors and to enter competitions at the city, state and national levels, including the famed Intel Science Competition. In addition, 12 students have been awarded the coveted designation, “Schwartz Science Scholars.” ‘

BCSM welcomed a new partner in 2016, PDT partners, a major financial services firm with an esteemed technology reputation. PDT has invested significantly in BCSM facilities and students. Most prominent is the funding of a full service MacLab, which has enabled BCSM students to take advantage of advanced computer science and design capabilities. PDT provided SmartBoards for every classroom, funded equipment for two competitive robotics teams, and most recently purchased a “Bio-Digester,” which became the centerpiece of BCSM’s environmental science instruction and awareness. Importantly, PDT executives have volunteered to be mentors to over 20 BCSM students.

NOTE: In 2017, the BCSM College Office expanded into College and Career Success Office to reflect our students’ desire to explore all possibilities, both for college and for career and work/study opportunities. To that end, BCSM has developed relationships with Per Scholas and YearUp.



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