Since 2010 the senior classes of BCSM have hosted Day for Children:

Day for Children provides the class with many opportunities to demonstrate:

  1. Leadership
  2. Service
  3. Perseverance
  4. Respect
  5. Community


The impacts of Day for Children are numerous too:

  1. You see families, friends, teachers, students from BCSM & Eximius, members of the local community and alumni come to support and participate in the day’s events.
  2. You see big smiles, little people, grandparents, parents and siblings having fun… some helping out
  3. You hear laughter and participants saying “I wish we had something like this at our school.”
  4. You see police officers and safety agents smiling, and engaging with the participants all while
    ensuring that the day is safe.
  5. You see people of all ages at various activity stations waiting with excitement to get henna; or their hair colored; or paint; or get a snack….
  6. The class is empowered to demonstrate to family, friends, the school, the community, others and themselves that young people can and do create phenomenal experiences for others when given the opportunity.
  7. Members of the class are empowered to continue to create meaningful opportunities for others as a result to experiencing success in giving to others.
  8. You hear members of the next graduating class planning on how their Day for Children is going to be “way better.”
  9. You hear alumni claiming, “Our Day for Children was much better than this class.”
  10. You hear underclassmen saying “I wish I could have been here earlier… mock regents from 9 am -12 pm; and, I can’t wait for our turn to host Day for Children.”


Day for Children is a Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics tradition! I am proud to have been the catalyst to establish this BCSM tradition.


Jamila L. Blades

Social Studies Teacher

Founding Faculty

Bronx Center for Science & Mathematics

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