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Mouse Squad’s Website Development Project


My name is Shabab Chowdhury and I am the current president of Mouse Squad. Mouse Squad is the computer technology club here at BCSM that was started by former seniors two years ago. The club focuses on helping students to discover their passions in technology, understand basic and advance technological skills, and help teachers and other students with any technical problems that may arise.  


Throughout the school year, Mouse Squad focuses on completing small projects to help teach students about computer science. This year, Mouse Squad was motivated to complete a much bigger objective to improve BCSM’s technological abilities and awareness. During December 2014, we sat down with Principal Tom to discuss what initiative would be most beneficial for our humble school. Through much discussion, Mouse Squad and Mr. Tom thought of the idea of creating a school website for interested prospective students, parents and outside organizations to learn more about our school.

Through the help of Patrick Callahan, the Director of Enrichment Programming at Bronx Center, and Tasha Clemmer, the program coordinator for Mouse Squad, Mouse Squad was partnered with SM consultant Steve Murphy in late January 2015 to mentor us through the creation of the website. The first step of the process focused on determining the objective and audience for our website. The next step focused on the design, theme, and layout of the website. The last step was collecting and publishing the content and pictures for our website. Through several months of hard work and much support by BCSM’s faculty and staff, Mouse Squad officially launched BCSM’s website on September 5th, 2015.

Updates will take place periodically once a month to inform our audience about the amazing activities and events that take place in our school. We hope the website has been easily navigational and informative for viewers interested in learning about what makes our school the “small miracle in the South Bronx.”


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