On behalf of the Mathematics Department, we are proud to welcome you to the BCSM community. We have high aspirations for our students, with the goal of preparing them for college-level work while still in high school.

The name Bronx Center for Science & Mathematics says it all. Mathematics is a vital component of our school’s secondary education that will help prepare students to compete on the collegiate level. Mathematics will be at the core of student’s learning at BCSM, and all students will be expected to work hard to challenge themselves to achieve to the maximum of their capabilities. Our coursework and methods are designed to help expand computational skills, but most importantly to develop conceptual and problem-solving abilities. Natural ability is not what matters – it is one’s dedication to learning for continuous improvement that will enable a student to succeed in high school mathematics.

Each student at BCSM will be given a customized mathematics program for his or her four years.

We offer our students the following courses:

  • Algebra                                                
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • AP Calculus

Within each math subject, BCSM provides a sequence tailored to the students’ ability and motivation. Students should expect to have four years of mathematics instruction, which exceeds NY State requirements because we want our students to be prepared for college-level mathematics.

We expect the utmost commitment to education and for students to take pride in their work.  In return, we will provide them with an abundance of energy, resources, knowledge, and support. We will be available for extra help, particularly in after-school tutoring sessions.  We look forward to our upcoming year together, full of intense mathematical training, exploration, hard work, and fun!

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