The mission of the physical education department at The Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics is to see that all students reach their maximum potential in fields relating to physical fitness, sports skills and concepts, cooperative learning (adventure activities), game play and officiating, sportsmanship, and teamwork. This program is designed to provide appropriate educational opportunities to stimulate the mind, body and soul of all students on an equal basis. This curriculum will aid in developing and increasing a child’s cognitive, affective and psychomotor capabilities. It is our goal to see that all students succeed in taking what they have learned and applying it throughout the rest of their lives.



BCSM t-shirt, navy blue shorts, and rubber-soled sneakers (NO BOOTS) must be worn for physical education classes.  Spandex or tight-fitting pants or leggings ARE NOT PERMITTED. Removal of t-shirt sleeves or any alterations to the school physical education uniform is PROHIBITED!  

All students must bring a combination lock to store their valuables in a gym locker during gym period.


Let’s stay healthy and fit together!


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