Student Clubs
Mouse Squad: 
The technology club provides a space for students to follow their passions related to innovative technology. Students learn 3-D design and 3-D printing, learn to code and write computer programs and experiment with virtual reality technology.
Whatever tech interests you, the club welcomes it!
FTC robotics is a competition of team challenge. Each year different game designs and criteria are released. Last year it was Relic Recovery, and this year it is Rover Ruckus. Each game requires strategic planning – not only in the gameplay aspect but also in the design aspect.
Business input is also required to finance for team budgets. Lastly, each team member’s talent is also factored into the success of the robot. All for one and one for all, we work as a team and we win as a team. This is FTC team Roboknights 10639 and Argonauts 12624.
Art and Design Club:
The Art and Design Club is an after-school club designed for the artist in all of us.  Students participate in different art activities like charcoal drawing, sculpture, and watercolor.  We take field trips to museums, art galleries and to the park for drawing. Students also collaborate with other school programs/ events like the official poster for the School Musical and in Arts Night.
Student Advisors: Stephanie Santos, Steven Villagran, and Biridiana Diaz
Teacher Assistants
Upperclass students at BCSM earn service hours while sharing their classroom expertise with their younger peers. Much like their university counterparts, TAs attend monthly training, work closely with classroom teachers, and act as mentors and guides to the students in their assigned class. TA positions are posted each semester and filled by application and availability. It is highly recommended that students who intend to apply for Hayden Mentorship positions get experience as TAs.
Music Club
Music club meets every week on Thursday in room 104. The purpose of the club is to expose students to instruments and like-minded individuals so they can grow as musicians together. Everyone is welcome and we encourage everyone of all skill levels. They can learn at their own pace and customize their learning!
Gender Sexuality Alliance
Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a student club that serves to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ students and their Allies. During GSA meetings and events, students engage in discussions on LGBTQ+ themes, explore questions of identity, and celebrate different aspects of LGBTQ+ culture and media. GSA is advised by Ms. Lewis and Ms. Klarl.
“Big Sibs”
An updated version of Big Brothers Big Sisters, “Big Sibs” is a space for upper class students to partner 1:1 with a 9th grader each week. On Wednesdays or Thursdays pairs meet to set and work toward goals together, visit other clubs or tutoring sessions, and join in icebreakers. This club is run as a senior initiative each year. It is highly recommended that students who intend to apply for Hayden Mentorship positions get peer mentoring experience through this club.
Super Secret Science Club
Secret Science Club is a club for anyone who likes science, engineering, technology, and mathematics. We do activities that students are interested in. Some past activities include making ice cream, electric circuits, slime, elephant toothpaste, rockets, crystals, and pancakes with a portable kitchen, dissecting a dogfish shark and a cow leg, and building a biodigester. We have also taken trips to the American Museum of Natural History, NYU, Columbia University, and Rockefeller University. Join us every other Friday after school in the lab.
Chess Club
The Chess Club offers student weekly instruction for students to learn the game of chess, play friendly games against their peers, and develop skills to play in tournaments. All students are encouraged to join us!

Student Government 

A group of students that are charged with managing a wide range of events, activities, programs, policies, and initiatives around the school. Some members are elected by the student body, and others may be appointed by the elected officials to help with specific tasks or areas of interest. Student Government has class officials and Executive Council which essentially oversees the entire school. 

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