It is our pleasure to welcome you to The Bronx Center for Science & Mathematics (BCSM). During the next four years at BCSM we will get to know who you are and what your dreams and aspirations are. It is our goal that after graduating from BCSM, you will be emotionally, psychologically and academically prepared to face any challenges and continue your future endeavors with great confidence.

We encourage our students to challenge themselves outside the classroom by getting involved in extracurricular activities and completing at least 100 hours of community service. The extended-day program and outside student organizations will anchor and support the academic mission at BCSM. The extended-day program will offer enrichment and remediation opportunities for all students. We ask parents as well as community volunteers to help make this a true community program.

Possible extra-curricular programs include:






PSAL Varsity Boys Badminton 

PSAL Varsity Boys Baseball

PSAL Varsity Boys & Girls Basketball

PSAL Varsity Boys Soccer

PSAL Varsity Girls Softball

PSAL Varsity Girls Volleyball

Sign-Language Club

Student Government



Explore all the possibilities and options available to you at BCSM!


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