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The Alumni Group has been working hard to strengthen its communication with our Bronx Center family. This year marks BCSM’s 10 year anniversary, and its 7th graduating class. BCSM is committed to making your connection with Bronx Center a lifelong one. With your help and support, BCSM can continue to enrich the lives our students for years to come. Please help us continue, “Whatever it Takes” in supporting the future of current classes by staying in touch and supporting us!

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Meet Former BCSM Students!

unnamedCollege: Rochester Institute of Technology

“Thinking back, I remember Bronx Center in two ways: it was a small high school and there was a mandatory uniform policy. While less students meant not having the high school experience associated with attending a traditionally larger school, and a strict uniform policy meant not being able to express oneself through the choice of  clothing everyday, I think these characteristics reflected a bigger goal that the original staff had in mind: by eliminating all other distractions the students could focus on what was most important: education. I’ve come to appreciate this no-nonsense attitude, and I try my best to apply it to my life even today.”

Noor Rahman (Class of 2009)

College: Fordham University

“Enjoy high school, but take it seriously. You will grow up so much in your four   school years at BCSM. Education is so important and at BCSM, a quality education  is given. Learn how to create an experience out of anything, even a bad situation. Make new friends and build relationships with your teachers (they happen to be amazing individuals). Make BCSM your second home. Join a club, make a club,  tutor, act, sing, dance… do anything that will make you happy because if you can find happiness in school, you will learn to appreciate it and this can help you go far. Don’t ever stress. You will always have the support of others. Take this advice and love high school. Besides, you only get to live it once.”

Marliana Ramos (Class of 2015)

College: Smith College

“At the age of 14, I entered Bronx Center. I followed my class schedule and made sure to get all of my work done. Quickly, I learned that as the quiet girl I needed to learn how to be more outgoing and self motivated about what I wanted to accomplish. With the help and encouragement from the entire faculty, I learned how to step out of my comfort level in order to seek opportunities. Now at Smith College, this is a tool that I continue to use both inside and outside of Smith in order to gain experience and explore fields that might become of interest. As a result, I can confidently say that Bronx Center prepared me both for the academic rigor that I would face once in college and adult responsibilities.”

Rosangelica Perez (Class of 2012)

LawrenceCollege: Dartmouth College

“Walking into BCSM, I knew I was up for a challenge, one that would change my entire life as I know it. I took that challenge, as did many others, and we picked up so many opportunities and memories along the way. The teachers and the classes mixed with the personal and individualized approach to education truly made the experience worth it. Had I attended a specialized high school or ‘elite’ public or private school, I wouldn’t have fit in the way I did at BCSM. BCSM is my home then, now, and forever.”


Lawrence Abu- Hammour (Class of 2015)

College: Syracuse University

I remember during the beginning of my senior year,  I was unaware of the college path I wanted to embark. However, the college advisors, Ms. Henriquez and Mr. Kurz, exposed me to a variety of college possibilities. I was the first child in my family to go through the college process, and with the help of the college advisors it made it less stressful. Upon receiving an acceptance letter from Syracuse University, I immediately shared my excitement with Ms. Henriquez and Mr. Kurz who were just as excited as I was. The college advisors helped me accomplish goals I never thought I was capable of reaching and still today I can count on them for advice. Many high schools with large amounts of students don’t have the opportunity to spend extensive time with their advisors due to the large ratio of students to advisors. This is one of the advantages of smaller schools such as BCSM. BCSM knows that college is a big step in a student’s life and future.”

Oscar Hernandez (Class of 2010)

College: Union College

“Attending a small sized school like BCSM allowed me to receive individual attention from teachers that believed in me. It taught me the value of creating and sustaining relationships and helped me realize that some of the staff were not only teachers from the past, but mentors I can ask advice from in the present.

Fernando Gomez (Class of 2010)

College: University of Rochester

“I have a plethora of great experiences from attending the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics. But, if I had to state my most memorable experience, it was when  I was fortunate enough to travel to Mali, Africa with other BCSM students in hopes of building a school for the local community. This single trip has changed my life forever and I would not have been granted this opportunity if I had not attended such a great institution.” 

Aleem D. Griffiths (Class of 2013)
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